In a Nutshell About us

design sustainably - build environmentally.

Structural Environments work is fairly evenly divided between bid and negotiated projects. We believe that a competitive bid environment maintains our perspective on our ever-changing industry, while at the same time it provides the client with an opportunity to compare and contrast among bids.

Conversely, our negotiated projects are primarily direct referrals from past clients. These referrals come highly recommended because of our proven process and success. In either instance, Structural Environments average contract size is over $800,000. However, our larger projects have exceeded $1,500,000.


Architects & Planners

You Are an Architect or You Have Your Own Architect But Want Us To Build For You

Our reputation of working with Architects speaks for itself. We diligently review the drawings to ensure we understand every aspect of the Architect's design. Upon review and our analysis, we submit questions that you or the architect might not have addressed. This unique step not only opens the line of communication with you or your chosen Architect, but also verifies and confirms the intricacies of the design. Inevitably, this increases productivity and makes certain your project meets its construction deadline, cost expectations and architectural details as well as build trust and a beautiful structure.

You Want Us To Design For You

Your design vision is our design vision. Unlike other (contractors, builders, whatever term you want to use), we have the unique ability to design your vision of the construction project. We utilize our skills to formulate a design that is productive while including every single detail regardless of size. When most shy away from a challenge, we attack it with vigor and proficiency.

You Want Us To Design and Build For You.

If your desire is for us to handle all aspects of your project, we welcome the opportunity. Our attention to detail, quality control procedures, and knack to be cost effective provides you with a distinct opportunity. We pride ourselves on our team-work oriented corporate structure as well as our ability to quickly respond as requirements dictate - regardless of project size. We are passionate about all projects and this translates into dynamic, thoughtful results. Results you can count on, results you can be proud of.

work team

A Registered Architect since 1974, Mr. Canino is licensed to practice Architecture in Texas, California and Washington. With over 42 years of experience in all phases of Architecture and with all building types, Mr. Canino is able to handle projects with attention to client requirements, schedule and budget. With over 40 years of experience in construction consulting, Mr. Canino is well versed in all aspects of project planning, project management, scheduling and construction observation.
Since graduation in 1994 from Texas A&M's College of Architecture with a Bachelor of Environmental design, Doug has dedicated past two decades to design, construction, community planning, historic preservation, residential inspection, real estate finance and commercial consulting with both private and public service entities. Following his true calling, sights are now focused on design and construction, directing resources over execution of masterful designs by accomplished architects as well as providing design and building expertise to new clients.
Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Midland, Texas, Mr. Lee comes to SEV with an incredible talent to digest the most difficult project and return a plan of attack that spotlights the details of achieving your dream with skills such as municipal permit coordination and expediting, financial construction planning, construction document review and assessment, budget analysis with estimating, design and construction feasibility, engineer coordination, integrated project management, and all the while working with amazing people like Professor Preston Scott Cohen of Harvard University GSD, Architect Kevin Koch of State of Texas Governor's Mansion and many more.