crystal estates

South West Austin - New Construction (In Progress). The AIA Associate is Doug Keating. Designed as a modern hill country home with extensive views of Austin hills, the 5,500 square foot home creates warm modern look for a timeless feel that blends classic style of central Texas.

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Barton Creek - New Construction The architect to this beautiful home is Cornerstone Group Architects The Tuscan inspired style is placed in a peaceful setting where one fourth of the home has expansive views of the golf course and the 9th hole aong with excellent lakeside community.

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villa 3000

Barton Creek - New Construction. Architect for this home is Dick Clark. The home excercises the view with sweeping glass along large outdoor spaces. Features elegant simplicity of materials and strong pragmatic layout which the architect, Dick Clark is well known for.

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Pedernales River - New Construction. The architect for this Italian Tuscan plan is Donald Gardner The 3,400 sqaure foot home sits on an acre. The use of mass sets this home apart from others with detailing that uses local stones and rustic timeless archetype.

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villa 2500

Barton Creek - New Construction. AIA Architect for this home is Dick Clark This beautiful 2,550 square foot home excercises the tranquil array of countryside views with open spaces and straight forward design to provide functional living environment and comfortable feel of a well thought home.

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Cuernavaca - Remodel. AIA Architect for this home is Caroline Porter This beautiful 10,550 square foot home expresses the countryside views with luxurious spaces consisting of shower steam room, multi body shower sprays and a private movie theatre room to provide acreage living environment.

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Barton Creek - New Construction. The architect is Dan Sater. Designed as a French chateau with French countryside like views, this 8,300 square foot home holds local materials for a timeless rustic appearance that meshes well with more informal culture of central Texas.

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