Cedar Mountain

Spicewood - New Construction (In Progress). The designer for this new luxury construction is Doug Keating. Mr. Keating brings fresh luxurious ideas from a beautiful palette of local materials inspired by the truth in its environment.

Cedar Mountain Gallery


Arboretum - Remodel Construction. The designer for this transformation is Doug Keating. The concept was based to feeling of indiffernce to the homeowner and his love and need for colors. Architectural concept was implemented in full custom lighting decor, front door, glass and steel.

Mariscal Canyon Video

Mariscal Canyon Gallery


Rollingwood - Remodel Construction. The AIA Architect is Nana Kim 9 Square Studio. Designed by the Architect, Nana to bring architectural freshness and strong mass appeal to a classical open style design and clean modern touches with good resource of original floor plan.

wallis Video

wallis Gallery

Ave C

Hyde Park - Remodel/Addition Design Build (In Progress). This jewel will be redesigned by Doug Keating with the challenge to freshen the house while abiding by the Historic Review Board concerns and giving the homeowner his need to live in a bigger enticing home.


Ave C Gallery


Crestview - Remodel Construction (In Progress). The AIA Architect is David Webber Webber + Studio. Designed by a locally well known architect, David Webber takes this simple house into a new era of modern sophistication that employs modesty in design and materials with joining thoughts from the homeowner and the needs of his family.

Madison Gallery


Bryker Woods - Remodel/Addition Design Build (Coming Soon). This unique jewel box will be redesigned by AIA Assoc. Doug Keating, with strict attention to the historical needs of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Austin, Bryker Woods. The project will beautifully enhance what was old into a modern look that best suits the homeowner's new family and the HOA.

Glenview Gallery

Austin - This new construction will be designed by Professor Preston Scott Cohen, Chair and Director of the Master of Architecture Degree Programs, and Gerald M. McCue Professor of Architecture - Harvard Graduate School of Design. With strict attention to programming details , Professor Preston Scott Cohen. The project will bring fresh new perspective and ideas into the local Austin scenery

Westview Gallery