Remodeling Efficiently – Efficiency By The Numbers

Remodeling Efficiently – Efficiency By The Numbers

by Douglas Keating 

The world of the built environment is littered with single family houses. This ‘American Dream’ has presented itself to us in many forms, from single bedroom bungalows, oversized mcmansions, the 20th floor Manhattan condo and finally, prefabricated/mobile homes. In 2009 the US Census Bureau reports that there were 130,159,000 housing units in the United States. We have a domestic infrastructure that averages 2,392 square feet per new residence built and this is down from the high in 2007 of 2,507 square feet (1). Compound the fact that more than half of these residences are over 34 years old (2) and we have ourselves a remodeler’s paradise.

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