The Durian Fruit

Durian Architecture

Several weeks ago, I went to MT Supermarket (Asian Market) for grocery and stumbled on a unique fruit called Durian. The fruit is interesting because the main body slightly resembles a pineapple but no where does it come close to tasting like one or let alone, smell like one!

On a quick note, the Durian fruit is a native to Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. Some say that it is a native to Phillipines too. It is definitely a fruit that has friends or foes and in some places, outlawed.


When looking at the fruit, you can see that the texture of the inner guts are very flesh like. Within the flesh, you can see large seeds. To me, it looks like organs, kidneys perhaps. Definitely not something I like to think about when eating.


When I walk around, I always see design that best represents culture, trends and fads but what about food?  We eat food everyday and most of it comes from ingredients nature provides but the question I have is, “how do we make use of it in a different way?” When I saw the fruit, I wondered if anyone took the time to incorporate that food into their architectural design.

Voila! Architecture at its best. Look at this building called “The Esplanade.” It is located in Singapore. Notice the beautiful spiney points? Even the Durian color is used too!  What is amazing is that almost every physical design feature of the durian fruit is replicated in that building. To me, that is incredible because it is food we can see, touch, smell and now – be in. I can bet that the architect for that building is a Durian fruit lover!

Now looking back at my fruit, I do love the light sweet taste but not too certain about the smell. The odor is very strong and pungent like sulfur. Even after eatting it, any burping will carry that smell and you will feel that in your nostrils.

The fruit is wonderful to eat but it is not for everyone. It is, however, for those that are daring and willing to try a new  experience for the sake of being a foodie. So the next time you eat delicious food, look at it and see if it inspires you in a different way that will broaden your views, thoughts and your taste! “Bon appetit!”


by  Jon Lee

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