Nature Inspired Sink

Here is a sink called Eaux Eaux by Joel Roberts. Normally, I
would not find much excitement in a sink or faucet but this particular one commands
my attention.

If you look at it carefully, the curvature is reminiscent of an ocean wave, but not only that, the faucet is part of the sink which makes it extremely elegant and simple.

In addition, look carefully at the sink on the right side of
the vanity where the faucet is on and you will notice how the water coming out
of the sink/faucet accentuates and continues the flow of the curve to be a complete cycle. The flowing water actually becomes part of the sink design. To me, that is impressive when form and function are equally unified as one!

Bottom line, this sink/faucet is gorgeous from an
architectural and design perspective. It is a work of art – I love it!

Jon Lee

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