Dat Lumen Veritatis – Light Gives Truth

Dat Lumen Veritatis – Light Gives Truth

Sometimes at SEV, we are challenged to find a solution that must be both aesthetically pleasing yet purposely functional. One problem we were asked to resolve was a unique one that a homeowner brought to our attention regarding her master bathroom vanity.

mirror left side original

The homeowner resides in an architectural master piece designed by the architect Nick Deaver, AIA (www.nickdeaver.com) called The Three Stones House. This house is unique and beautiful in many ways, from our perspective, and to which the feeling is mutual with the homeowner as well.

mirror right side original

She loves her master bathroom vanity area but at night, she found herself needing more light for makeup and facial grooming . We designed, fabricated, and installed simple illuminating light bars that surround 3 sides of the original mirror’s outer edge. mirror right side with light off

This design is purposely efficient in many ways:  first, the narrow (actual O.D. 1″ width with same thickness as backsplash for flush look) elegant (glass facade) light bars are not offensive to the original architectural design of the cabinetry (not become overbearing and a focal distraction when off) ; second, the lights create a better even spread for good visualization; finally, the lights are LED driven so they are energy/heat efficient.

mirror left side with light on

As we installed the bars, we connected them to the original 3 way vanity light switches located next to the sink so everything looks architecturally original and custom. We also designed the lighting bars for future serviceability. Each bar is separate from the other and can be easily repaired or serviced without dismantling the others.

mirror right side with light on


We hope that seeing our simple light bar project will inspire others to think outside the box and really challenge a simple objective “to the next level.” Find inspiration and you will find accomplishment that speaks in and of itself.


by Jon Leemirror left top side with light on

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