To Close or Not to Close Shutters

Cedar Shutters in Open Position

To Close or Not to Close Shutters

A year ago, I built some real knotty cedar shutters for my house that can actually close. I built it with a simple design idea from Doug, but only did it to make the house beautiful in a different traditional way. I got tired of my house “looking like” everyone else’s track home and so I built a set of wonderfully stained cedar shutters.    

I never realized the benefits of having real shutters until I built mine. Every time a storm came in, I went outside and closed my shutters. What a feeling! After I did that several times, I felt like I was living the life of “Little House on the Prarie!” It really felt good to know that I can do something about the harmful effects of weather change: to close the shutters for storm protection from hail storm or flying debris, when the house gets hot inside –close them, or when you simply want privacy – just lock them shut.

Cedar Shutters in Closed Position

It is very funny to see that such a historically simple idea has been almost forgotten and only the wealthy can afford to have it built. Trust me, it is expensive to build it if you don’t know how and hire someone to do it. However, if you do manage to build a set for your house and the house is correctly decorated for shutters… they can be the “bling bling” of your need to accessorize!

by Jon Lee

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