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 My Mission

As an architectural enthusiast, I am always belated at how we are so modern yet sometimes can be so backwards in thinking. There are always “things” to improve and build, but in time architecture and construction evolve and thus we must too.

Over my years of building, I see that some think if large sum of money is spent into a project or an idea, they are going to hit jack-pot and get the prize! My question is, “what prize?”

Is such an effort even worth a prize? To some, yes if it is gratification in the form of money or formal recognition.  For me though, with practicality and worth, the effort itself is the prize which fills the vessel of my “passion!” What is my passion then as you might wonder or ask? It is the basic principle of sharing.

Over the years of working with different people and culture, I gained much knowledge and experience hence my intellectual growth and appreciation of life becomes organic. This  usually entails eating unique foods, trying to speak different languages, and see/feel what others  perceive. Sometimes trying to integrate myself with uniqueness  is not easy because people don’t want it or for whatever reason they hold dear to themselves. I cannot say that I don’t try or contemplate the idea. However, over time, I learned our mainstream society holds strong social values and as such, you either integrate into it or be casted out from it.

Thus, here in Architectural Essays and Compositions, I can be free to not choose a value and just enjoy what I naturally feel and see so that others can have a chance to learn from it – old and young,  Eastern to Western culture. Whether such sharing benefits me or others, who is to say. What I can say though, is if I keep to try – I cannot go wrong so try I must!

My paradox “pulchrum est paucorum hominum”

My muse – DSC00329

My passion to restore, work on and drive my 3 original Shelby Mustang Cobras  gives me the enthusiasm, drive and focus for architectural construction and detailing. I love beautiful architecture just as much as I love my classic cars:  (Los Angeles International Airport hanger ) 1965 Shelby GT 350 #128, Hertz black 1967 Shelby GT 350 #132 and a one of a kind special order Springtime Yellow 1967 Shelby GT 350 #2021.  They are my pride and joy as well as being part of American history. Member of (SAAC) Shelby American Automotive Club.

John_Doug_&_Shelby DSC00334DSC00382 DSC00331












by Jon Lee

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